Der Horror-Adventskalender 2014 – Jeden Tag eine neue Geschichte: 24) “Christmas Is Dead”

An Tag 24 und damit dem letzten Tag eine weihnachtliche Geschichte zum Abschluss.

Adventskalender 2014/24, (c) Foto

Adventskalender 2014/24, (c) Foto

Christmas Is Dead

Do you celebrate Christmas? Well, I do and here is a little story about an experience that I had with this holiday.

I was walking home from school with my friend Johnathon who wanted to come over and play some video games. When we arrived, we played some games until about 6 p.m., when he left.

Later that night after I went to bed, I had a really weird dream where I was in the North Pole and I saw Santa’s workshop. I walked in and saw very weird things like dead elves hanging on the walls and reindeers with their antlers cut off and stabbed into their chests. As I was walking, I stepped into a corridor and turned towards a room which happened to be Santa’s office. I tried getting a better look and suddenly the door closed. I looked behind to find Santa with a devilish grin on his face. He stared at me for about 20 seconds and pulled out a spiked up candy cane and ran towards me. I tried to stop him, but he hit me in the head. I suddenly woke up with cuts on my face which caused me be extremely paranoid.

The next night was Christmas night and I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid that I would have the dream that I had on the previous day so I stayed up all night watching videos on YouTube when suddenly, I heard an explosion come from a few blocks away. I wondered what was happening and right then I saw a sleigh in the sky dropping tons of presents! But as I kept staring, I realized that those weren’t presents but bombs! I jumped out of the window as my house blew up and twisted my ankle.

After that, my friend that I was talking about showed up and helped me. We ran all night long until we saw the sleigh stop and land on the ground. Santa came out smiling devilishly at us, pulled out a spiked candy cane, and beat my friend to death with it. He hit me a few times so I kicked him in the balls and ran into a forest and fell. I quickly got back up as I knew Santa was right behind me and suddenly, I saw a tank, trucks and jets which meant that the military knew about Santa’s Spartan madness and wanted to stop it. He eventually died after a long conflict and the story ends here, folks!

I will never forget what happened that night. I moved to Osaka, Japan and married a Japanese woman who brought me two beautiful children. We’re very happy, and I turned out to grow to be a very successful man. But what happened that night, will never be forgotten.

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