Der Horror-Adventskalender 2014 – Jeden Tag eine neue Geschichte: 13) “Room 13”

An Tag 13 eine sehr kurze Geschichte rund um einen Raum 13.

Adventskalender 2014/13, (c) Foto

Adventskalender 2014/13, (c) Foto

Room 13

In the 19th centuary, Doctors were progressing on medicine fast. Tests were being done on mice and various other animals to discover different germs, but far in the forests of England tests were being conducted to find a cure to all things, germs known and germs not yet discovered. Essentially a serum that allowed one to live forever, heal or return from the dead.

A small children’s asylum in the woods of Norfolk was one of the latest places to be used as a research facility. The asylum had high hopes as a previous study had lead to the possibility that the serum could come from the children. Tests would be created on their blood and various organs to find if there was such a chemical, the doctors didn’t feel remorse if their subjects died, the asylum was for insane children and more would come in everyday. Parents would sometimes pretend their children were insane so they would get money in the exchange of their child, the greed of the parents is what drove the tests.

All records were burrned only few pieces of information survived but were badly damaged, This is an extract of a recording left over from the ruins. Static went on throughout the tape, some sentences were just about audible.

[static and faded voices]

Doctor: My name is Doctor [static took over his name] Today, I will be running tests on a young boy, about 10 years of age [static] the boy’s eyes have turned red since the last test [more static] he seems uncomfortable around water. I will be opening up his skull as well as extracting some spinal fluid.

The rest of the tape is static and screams as well as sounds of bone cracking. The child was not under any aneasthesia or pain relief.

The rest of the tapes the same doctor kept were just static, screaming and insane laughter. Days after this particular tape was dated the Asylum was burned down.

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